Weight Loss Spell

Hei, as a Norse Witch, we don’t have weight Loss spells. Does anyone know of a spell? I eat right, exercise, lift weights, do yoga and stretching. I talked with my doctor and he says I’m doing everything right. But sadly it’s not working. I need some help, thank you!


Try Pinterest. There are spells on Pinterest for Wt. Loss, but I have not tried any of them yet.


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When you say you “eat right”, eat right by who’s standards? Maybe its not right for your body. I would choose a spell that helps you focus on listening to your body and what it really needs. Sorry I don’t have one right at my fingertips, but surely there are some around. Best wishes


This one worked for me:

physical body change

You will need:
small peice of paper, a quartz crystal and some string
Write your name on the paper and then draw the body or body part you want to change or what you would like it to look like.(you can show the whole body or just part)
Hold the paper in your hands and imagine the body/part changing from what it is now to what it is you desire.
Then fold the paper(anyway you want) and tie it to the crystal. Then visualize againe your desired outcome.
Put it away and every evening, until your body changes , take it out and imagine your desire again.
When the change is done, rip up the paper and scatter it to the wind

It takes a bit to see results( mine was about two weeks). Let me know how it worked .Blessed Be


Thank you very much, I will check that out.

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Thank you Greenwitch, I try not too eat too much carbs and I eat vegetarian. No sweets but sometimes a small piece of dark chocolate. I used to be very slim, now have some extra pounds. Thank you for your reply, it’s appreciated.

I will try this one! Thank you!

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Hi I was having trouble losing weight too. I had cancer and went through chemo. I lost around 50lbs but after chemo was done I gained that back and lots more (it shocked me cause I was still barely eating anything). I tried eating right but because my intestines had had a lot of surgeries I couldn’t eat a lot of things. I learned about intermittent fasting and it’s working for me. I have a 5 hour window to eat and I eat whatever I want. I actually usually only eat one meal and a snack if I’m hungry. The rest of the time I’m drinking water. I drink Cirkul because plain water just isn’t for me and with cirkul I can control the flavor. Last time I went to the Dr I had lost 30lbs. I try to drink at least 64oz or more. I have to be careful because I had kidney issues while doing chemo and now I force myself to drink a minimum of 64oz. I don’t drink soda except for one maybe a month and I’ve even cut my coffee drastically to like maybe a cup every now and then. Maybe that would be helpful for you. I do take a multivitamin and I drink premier protein drinks, one a day, just to make sure I’m getting the nutrients I need. Also some of the cirkul drinks have like b vitamins. Having cancer teaches you a lot about your body and how it functions and shows you who really cares.


Oh and I forgot to say that I try to avoid processed foods and cook everything myself as much by scratch as possible. I also allow myself as much veggies as I want because most of them are low calorie. I eat frozen and not canned to cut the salt.


So sorry you had cancer, I hope that it is gone now. Thank you so much for your advice. I have MS and bad knees I try to exercise as much as I am able. My downfall is in the evening when watching tv or reading a book. I tend to want to eat. I am trying to eat fruit instead of fattening snacks. My husband is a bad inflence on me as he is always snacking…LOL!

I also thank you all for the information, it is useful,

I also think that perhaps we should be praying for the will power to lose the weight, instead of just loosing the weight?

Personally, I did a ritual to help with the willpower to control my eating, and I think it is working, holding thumbs!

Blessed Be! :heartpulse:

Loraine, thank you I will pray to my Norse deity “Eir” for good health and healing. For losing weight is being in good health.