Protection & amulets

Hi everyone, I need some advice in turns of protection practices and/or amulets.

I work in a busy industry (public transport) with lots of people coming and going. Though I love my job, everyday after work I feel exhausted. I’m a HSP empath and tend to absorb all feelings and emotions from others. My immune system has been much challenged the last 4 years, getting sick quite often and most of all, my energy depleted.

I’ve done medical research ofc, and it might be something with my stomach/intestines. I’m taking care of it. I’n aware these issues can also be related to the digestion of emotions & letting go. Stress has been a major factor.

Besides that, I feel like I could use some extra help with protecting myself from others’ energies. What would you recommend me? I carry a shungite stone with me, wear an Evil Eye bracelet and use my DoTerra oils everyday (Lavender is my favourite :heart:).


Hello Georgina, I fully empathise with your condition. I too have struggled all my life with these kind of conditions which eventually turned into a specific kind of tumour in my bowel. I am now tumour free but I have had to cut stress out of my life in order to manage it. That sense of psychic overload and attack even, it really affects my condition.
As someone who is still working through this, I can’t say I have a silver bullet, but my recipe for calm is 1) accessing nature every day 2) gardening - I sincerely believe physical, skin contact with the soil is healing 3) I light a black candle if I am stressed in the evening.
I too am very keen to hear how others cope. Best wishes, Helen


Hi sorry to hear of your woes. Slightly off piste but if you live in uk i could send you one of my many scobys from my scoby hotel so you can make your own kombucha. All organic. It should help with the gut problem and immune system on physiological level. Only just starting on my spirtual journey so carnt confidently help with the protection /amulet

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@kazleesi Hello, I don’t wish to jump the queue, but I live in the UK and I would be very interested in your scoby. If that’s doable, let me know what you need from me and thanks in advance x

Hi liash yes i could send you a scoby. I would just need your address. Im not very good at social media but if there is a pm function on here you could do that? Xxxx

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I believe I have pm’d you @kazleesi :confused:

So sorry to hear about your tumour :disappointed_relieved: glad you’re better now.

I love being outside in nature, I even have a garden. I have neighbours on both sides, so that’s not quite relaxing, and besides that, I’m not such a ‘green fingers’ person :sweat_smile:

My job is extremely busy and I work with irregular shifts; when I’m home I just want to disconnect from everything but I keep hanging on feeling productive at home. I really need to push myself to relax.

Thanks a lot for the tips! 🫶🏻


That’s very sweet of you! Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t live in UK, I live in the Netherlands.

I’ve tried Kombucha before, but it’s slightly carbonated, and that makes me feel bloated after drinking it. I’ve been diagnosed with IBS, it’s quite a challenge to feel better with this bodily condition.

Wishing you all the best with your spiritual path 🫶🏻

Its hard to find a corner of peace isn’t it? Especially when your head is spinning with everyday slights and the need to make ends meet. As a single parent I felt immense pressure to provide financial stability for my daughter and I put my own needs to one side, willingly. She is a fabulous human being and I’m proud of all she has become, but I think all my pain, stress and misery manifested in my guts. If I could have a conversation with my younger self I would tell her that not very much of what she worried about was important in the end. I hope you get some rest from your condition, Georgina xxx


Thank you :heart: Sorry for the late reply, I’m on holidays at the moment.

Yes, exactly what you said, all this stress and hardships reflect on the body. The guts are our second brain, hence we kind of live in our heads and at the same time we experience it all on our bodies.

The older I get (I will turn 50 this summer) I realise it’s less about what others need or want. I have my boundaries and that’s something I’ve to learn with time. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed and not fall in the trap of doing more/stressing for it. I feel I’m quite accomplished with the upbringing of my kids (I’m also a single mom), my job and being in contact with my friends/family. We live in such a rush nowadays! I barely have time to take a moment for myself, but when I do I feel much happier.

Spending time in nature, travelling, and enjoying music and art are things that make me feel good. In between I do all the other things, and indeed sometimes taking that space for myself can feel like taking too much, but I know I’m on the good path.

One day at a time. I wish you lots of happiness and love.

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