Time for new beginnings

Hello. I have been spiritual all my life; now I appreciate how blessed I have been for the past 70 years. Like everyone else I have had challenges along the way but there’s always been a link with nature and natural energies which have given me strength to move forward. I now know I am a solitary witch and now is the time to link with other like-minded people.


Welcome MamaMax! Nature is so healing. As a solitary witch, what practices do you find the most connection with?

Also, do you celebrate the wheel of the year? I’m thinking of doing a forum post for each holiday to help everyone feel a little more connected around those if that’s of interest!

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Hi Rebecca
I am new to the realisation that my beliefs align with being Pagan rather than purely Christian.
I am at the beginning of learning the Wheel of the Year and relevant observations or celebrations.
I feel most connected through meditation outdoors, intent prayers and using water to focus.
A forum (but also a Coven ‘planner’ style page) would be a wonderful addition for my journey.
Thank you for your email.

I’ve just seen the online grimoire. Will be getting it today :+1: