Introduction thanks for letting me join

Hi my names Karen and i live in the uk. Tjank you for alliwing ne yo jokn this group. I am not a fan of labels but i find i have an affinity with the natural world be it trees , herbs ,growing on my allotment, foraging and cooking healthy meals for my family. I love learning about all aspects pertaining to witchcraft. My home is currently sinking under the weight of books. I am what would be described as a solitary witch but i do have some local like minded friends. I dont feel tbe need to hid my practice or lifestyle per sa but dont go around shouting from the roof tops
i follow a few you tubers. Xxxxxx .


Hello Karen, I have just come to be around people who have similar feelings to myself.
I enjoy my time more in nature, surrounded by animals as opposed to being in the middle of lots of people…
I hope we will both be okay here…:woman_in_lotus_position:t2::dog2::people_hugging::revolving_hearts: