The Pagan Grimoire Now Has an Apparel Line! :)

I’ve just launched Pagan Grimoire’s official apparel line! And everything is BUY ONE GET ONE OF ANYTHING ELSE FREE. :heart_eyes:

(This means, for example, if you add a pair of boots to the cart, anything other item you add to the cart is free.)

The designs were inspired by what I wore as a goth teenager growing up in the 90s. From purple combat boots covered with bats to spooky skull leggings and low-top sneakers with Lilith and hot pink snakes.

There’s a few boho inspired designs as well.

I’ve got more design ideas in the pipeline, but if you’re looking for something to wear for Summerween, might I suggest a pair of our boots?

Check out all the items here:


Merry meet, I was really excited when I read that there was clothing, footwear etc that we could purchase.
What a fantastic idea to show your quirky side…
There was only one thing that I found to be a problem, that the items could only be shipped in the USA…
I get it that the website started in America, and that the population of folks who form our coven/collective the majority are placed in America. But the word is spreading and people from all countries are beginning to join, which means that they’ll likely want to purchase some of these wonderful products, but aren’t able to as their country isn’t one that you ship to…
If you have started to ship worldwide :globe_with_meridians: please let us know, and if not please could you make it possible, there’s a few hundred of us who would like to buy some things from the online store, and are waiting to checkout as soon as possible… (I’m guessing that part) but yeah, I have my eye on a couple of things that I would like to get, as soon as you’re shipping outside the USA…
Blessed be :woman_farmer:t2: :dog2: :people_hugging: 🪻 :butterfly: :sparkles: