Hello, I'm recently discovering what I've been my whole life and never realized it. Can't wait to learn more!

I have been realizing that I have actually been Pagen for most of my life and never realized it. Now I’m learning which path that best suits me. So far it feels like Wicca is my path. I hope that I am in the right place for guidance.


Merry meet, Yoey! I can relate - it feels like for me I’ve been pagan for most of my life but never really got to explore it till now. I consider myself an eclectic witch. The members of this coven are very kind and supportive - you’re in a safe place :slight_smile:


yes I have been doing a lot of research on eclectic witch and I feel this has been me all along. I haven’t really told many people besides who are close to me because I feel that there is a lot of stigma attached to the term. I’ve only done simple rituals so far with my tea and meditation. I really need to work on getting my crystals and candles.