Hi there! Eclectic witch here!

Hello all my witchy people. I am an eclectic solitary witch. I’ve been one since I was younger. I am always learning and growing with my craft though I also like to help others. I’m 35, and have a witchy bf. Though he is more of a chaos witch. I am also an Aunty, a business owner, and a Sagittarius. I hope we get to all grow and learn together. Thank you for having me!


:wave::wave::wave::wave::heart::blue_heart:🩷 hey there sister :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the forum! What would you like to learn about?

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Just witchy talk for now

It sounds like you are describing me (beside the witchy BF) - My husband is a Christian so we can have some very interesting conversations.
He doesn’t every interfere with my practice though, maybe he’s scared I will curse him (just kidding, I don’t do curses!).

Welcome, and have a wonderful day


Well currently I began some deity work so perhaps more about deities? I’m also a crafty witch so hand made items like incense or little brooms are probably fun witchy diy for me. Lol


I too have started to work with deities…it will be 3 years in august. I’m most interested in kemetic paganism and am devoted to isis and starting to work with God Ra … later I’d like to learn about Norse mythology

Your turn to share :crazy_face:

I find deity work an adventure.

I didn’t see this reply …I’m still learning how to use this forum. Lol like choose your own choose your adventure.

This would be the 2nd diety I chose to call upon and worship … none came to me. Isis seem more interesting just by name lol

Isis went cold on me after her help was done … don’t know how else to out that. I didn’t realise until later but I feel she pushes Me int he right direction too for my magic and my confidence.

I still need her to know i worship her because faith is a big deal to me so I still offer and praise her daily.
Now others have said she doesn’t want you to be dependent on her so I have felt that too …

I always try to stay safe too that’s important

I have worked with Ptah for a favor twice and Osiris some.

This whole spiritual journey is your own adventure lol
That’s why id like to learn about Norse and just witness and befriend someone so I can be immersed in it too

It’s all very interesting

Welcome! I’m new here too :blush: My ex husband/my son’s father is Christian too! We just had a friendly religious debate 2 days ago lol. @Lorainne

That’s good you can have those debates, the problem with my husband is he is a bush Christian, in other words, he likes the thought of being Christian.
Before I became pagan I was also Christian, so far as I was a Sunday School teacher, and he thought it was rubbish, now I’m opposite, and now he has decided that he’s a believer. The problem is, he doesn’t actually know jack about Christianity, as he never went to church anyway, so when he starts, I just counter him with actual facts and then he shuts up :rofl:

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