Greetings From South Africa

Hi All
My name is Lorainne, and I have been a practicing Wiccan for about 15 years now.
Although I follow the Wiccan Reid, I’m also a bit of a Eclectic Witch, in that I pull a lot of different things from different areas of Witch Craft.
I live in South Africa, and wish I could have a cottage in the woods, but sadly my family would not like that.
My hobbies are crafting of nearly every kind, reading and spending time with myself.
Merry Meet, and Blessed Be!


Hi Lorraine! Thank you for joining! I think you’ll find lots of fellow eclectic witches here :slight_smile: What are you current reading?

Also, @Greenwitch is also in the Southern Hemisphere and has two threads that might interest you:



Thanks for the warm welcome.

I will check the threads out.


Ohh yess, i wish i could have a cottage in the woods too! I’ve actually gave it some thought and planned to build one when i find a really good space to do so!
Im glad im not the only one :joy::heart: