Sigel magic the pros and cons of it?

who are good teachers to help teach sigel magic how use it correctly?

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Olivia Graves seems to work with sigils a lot - here’s one of early YouTube videos about them. We can also do a post on the site about them and how to make one / use it properly. Do you have any other questions about them you’d like for us to answer?


I would love to learn more about them. I know how to make them. Just not sure about intent, and strength of them … wording. I love cr3ating them though

I’ve seen videos before of how to actually take the consonants and work them into a sigil. On this video, she pretty much used her imagination and associations to create sigils. There are a myriad of ways I’m sure. I wish I was super creative. But, practice brings things into fruition and becomes more natural and intuitive. Or … look online for a sigil that you are attracted to and use that (which is what I do many times I confess lol) Thanks for sharing,!