What Is Your Favorite Kind of Magic?

When it comes to witchcraft, I’m definitely an eclectic witch. But, when it comes to magic, candle and fire magic is definitely my favorite.

Which might be why so many of the site’s first posts are about it… (dropping two starter posts below if you are curious about candle magic)

I’d love to know - what kind of magic do you like to do? And, do you have any questions about magic that I can answer or someone in the group could?

We’re honored to have got a lot of long-practicing witches here that I feel could offer guidance if they feel called to share. :slight_smile:


I’m not exactly sure how to respond because I feel like I use various elements in my practice. I honor all the elements. I do always have colored candles burning when I’m practicing, as well as using crystals and herbs that correspond with the spell I may be doing. I decorate my altar with things that correspond with the wheel of the year celebration and/or full moon of the month. So, I guess I don’t have a favorite type. I feel that al the elements benefit me equally :green_heart::white_heart::heart::blue_heart:

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I feel like I love studying, gathering information, keeping notes, tarot and reflection, listening to podcasts…

But struggle so hard to put it into practice.

I want to feel the energy of what I’m working with, but the only time I feel that way is when I’m outside in nature.

Making herbal spell bottles feels right sometimes, but even then I struggle to feel into it. To feel connected to the power I’m working with.

Anyone else struggle with this feeling? Sometimes I feel more like an armchair witch than anything, lol.


Maybe instead of trying to do some type of spell that you are not completely ‘feeling’… Maybe just ease up on yourself and get more into the celebrations of the Wheel of the Year. Really feeling the energy of the seasons by decorating your altar, listening to music honoring the season, reading and watching podcasts of that particular celebration, such as the upcoming Beltane, giving thanks through a small ceremony at your altar. These things may help you to get more in tune with the Mother Goddess and her gifts. More in tune with nature and the seasons and the elements. It is how I built my practice. Then when I felt I made this connection and I could feel the energy and power surrounding me, then it made more sense to incorporate spells. It felt more Real. This process shouldn’t be rushed. You’ll know when you are ready and when it Feels right.


:joy: armchair witch!

I’m kinda the same but also opposite too.

I ask before attempting any spell just so I know it’s not a waste of time and will work or if I have to change it altogether I do … because I need the help for the spell right so I’m usually optimistic on that

I do struggle with notes and writing anything down. I’m jealous you take the time to do that!

I moved about 8 months ago and can no longer pratice,offer,and meditate like once did so arm chair witch it is very funny

We could alwways cast really thoughtful spell for each other and seee if it works :crazy_face:

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To be honest, I also love candle magic, and I think that is my favourite as well.
I sometimes wonder if it’s because I’m a fire sign (Sagittarius), but whatever the reason, I tend to be drawn to fire and am always doing that.
I have tried herbs and knot magic, but keep going back to fire magic.

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Im having trouble with the menu and where stuff is and how to tell if someone replied to me…:

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Up in the top right corner you’ll see your picture in a circle. It will show you how many responses you got since the last time you were on. You can click on that picture. OR, when you sign into the forum area, I’ve noticed a red line that shows all the activity since the last time you visited. There will be highlights and numbers in a bubble if all new responses in any given topic that you were involved in. Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @NoctuaAstra <3


Honestly, same! This forum is definitely a learning curve haha

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Exactly and I’m bad with icons (always have been) and remembering what mean…

Hey how are you :upside_down_face::v:

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It’s going to take a little while to get use too … I’m trying🙂

I think learning to sit with the energy, even dor days to build clear vision before soing the spell can really help.
Building the powerr of a spell is just like fitness training: the more you do it, the stronger you get.
Maybe you are trying to do spells that come from other people? I create my own spells and they have greater significance that way. Also, maybe you are a natural witch who does best working in nature. It could just be that you haven’t tapped into the place that suits you best!
I have a YouTube channel called Natural Witchery where I talk about finding your way through natural practice. Im not into ceremonial magick myself, and find that going with my natural inclinations is the moat powerful!


I’m also someone who loves gathering information, reading and learning :smile:

I have many books I read and check when in need of information. Lately, I’m kind of collecting many related to magik, the Goddess, sacred places, personal development and my collection of oracles is also growing :blush:

I love to start the day with a short oracle reading, choosing 1/2 cards or 3 with my pendulum or with my hands, eyes closed. Sometimes during the evening, specially when there’s a Full or New Moon :full_moon_with_face::new_moon_with_face:.

I have an altar on the windowsill and another on the dining table. It’s a long table, we are 3 at home, so enough space. I have candles of different colours, crystals, plants and gifts of nature: a branch/wand I found in a forest, dried flowers, sea shells, stones, etc. Also photos of my children, my mother, my grandma (who was my spiritual guide), and myself.

Every Sabbath I keep a special arrangement with a candle and elements of nature, plus coins, and small little objects I ‘feel’ belong to the season. I burn this candle while doing readings and/or with the different phases of the moon. Mostly I fill the entire table and windowsill with candles different colours, sizes & shapes. I also burn papers with wishes/intentions and forgiveness/thankfulness written priorly when on a New or Full Moon.

When I do a reading I also like to light an incense stick (I have many). I look how the incense burns, that gives me an idea of the energy of the moment.

I write things I feel while drawing a card, but most of the times it’s about that moment. I don’t know what else I should do. I would say, trusting my intuition it’s all that matters. I have this idea that I’m not doing it like books might say but it could be just a thought. After all, there’s not just one way to do things.

Books that’ve been useful and guiding me are:

Moonology - Yasmin Boland
Wiccapedia - S. Robbins/L. Greenway
The Green Witch - Murphy Hiscock
The Witch’s Book of Self-Care - Arin Murphy-Hiscock
Druid Magic - Sutton Mann

I would like to share that I have had three candlesticks shatter whilst spellcasting, all different kinds of holder or stick over a period of about three years. I have found conflicting opinions about the significance of this being positive or negative so I wondered whether anyone else has this phenomena? The first two breakages happened at a time when I was in a very toxic environment and just about everything was telling me to leave. The last shattering was very recent and I could not be in a better place physically and mentally, so I dont feel as though the message is the same. Any thoughts welcome. x