Re: Baby Witch Trying to Work with Deities

Hi everyone! I’ve recently come across Pinterest that say that baby witches shouldn’t start with deity work, as it could risk running into imposter spirits, etc. For the past few weeks (before seeing the comments), I’ve been praying to deities and connecting with them via conversation and music, and so far my experience has been positive up until today. I tried offering food I made to Hestia and was nervous while doing so, and shortly after I read another comment about baby witches and deity work. I then had some sort of anxiety/panic attack, and I’ve felt off the whole day. Of course, I don’t think this came from Hestia, since the research I’ve done suggests that she is a gentle and kind deity, but it seems that it’s a warning that I shouldn’t take lightly. I’m not sure what to do, because I love praying and connecting with the deities, but I want to feel safe. Any advice?


Hello Sophista,
You sound like a lovely person and I wish you many blessings on your journey. As to your basic question, i would like to kindly share my opinion and please take it ir leave it. Hopefully it might help. Many, if not most, of the things you read on line about any particular spiritual practice are also just someone’s personal opinion and maybe shouldn’t be taken to heart necessarily.
I think an excellent resource for me has always been books. Youll find thousands of authors in the witchcraft/pagan/spirituality genre and so many are wonderful founts of knowledge.
I personally am a very eclectic hearth ~ green witch and i tend to borrow all the bits and ideas from many sources that speak to my soul and feed my magical practice.
I guess in closing id like to say… your worship and practice hopefully shouldn’t be giving you anxious or negative feelings. All Deities are far more understanding than you may realize and they know you are learning. This is why we call this a “practice”. Things wont always be perfect but the fact that you are trying and learning and growing is beautiful and should be celebrated and acknowledged as great!!!
Go easy on yourself and be grateful for every magical moment in life whether it looks perfect or not. Blessed be :star2:


So eloquently said. Ditto on everything you just stated :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @Julzz and @NoctuaAstra for your reassurance and encouragement! I got so scared because sometimes you’ll come across sources that make deities seem so daunting to approach. And I’ve felt so sad lately after stopping my prayers, especially to Selene, whom I feel has helped me greatly with my sleep. I will definitely slow down a little with my practices so I can feel more connected to the deities and take what the two of you have said to heart!


Merry meet my friend, I do hope that you feel better about who you choose to connect with and how you choose to do it. In my opinion deities are considered to be great simply because they possess far more knowledge on topics of witchcraft and spells, they’re not to be feared in any way though. Fear is how Christianity and other religions control people by making them fear that they aren’t doing things right, and they will face a terrible punishment…
Our deities are not like this and are connected to what makes the seasons and the elements etc nature’s beauty is nothing to fear, do what feels right inside and don’t let outside worries cloud your love of your thoughts… Blessed be :woman_farmer:t2::dog2::people_hugging::sparkles:


Hi Sophista, I would just like to say that Pintrest, while helpful sometimes, is not the “gospel” for your practice. As everyone else has said, you must do what you feel is right for you and harm none. If you feel close to Hestia, then do not let someone who does not know you say that you shouldn’t do this or that while just starting out. We all have to start somewhere; what feels right to you only matters. If you feel peace and connection by praying to certain deities, then absolutely you should continue that. Someone else said that “organized religion” likes to instill fear to control folks, and that is correct. Paganism, Wicca, and magic were around long before Jesus was born. Many signs in corporate Christianity were borrowed or appropriated from Pagans, Wiccans, and even Druids. My point, again, is we all have to start somewhere. Books are a wonderful source of information, and many, many, many are online. Pintrest is great for a place to start, but please don’t let your practice end there, either. MAny blessings to you along your path!


That’s a good point about not sticking only with Pinterest posts! I’ve been saving recommended books and plan to get some for myself soon! :slight_smile:

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