Mullen ritual used to remove a curse

Does anyone know anything about using Mullen to make a tea and drinking it to remove a family curse? Or a ritual involving such things?

We have been battling a family curse for 4 generations. Since fully embracing my witchy heritage, which started with my great grandmother. I decided to look into why my family had such bad luck or why it was so hard to get away and stay away from this town. I’m currently trying to get out of here and move back to my birth place. This requires making sure this bad luck and this curse is removed for my sake and my family.

Any help is appreciated.

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I can certainly understand you wanting to remove this curse on your family, however, mullein is toxic and not something you probably want to ingest. This info is from the best herbal I own. Blessed Be.

My great grandmother used Mullen to make cough syrup and there are YouTube channels that I have seen show that they make teas from the leaves…not sure what to say. I’m from the hoodoo school of things…and this plant has been used for lung health for years. The seeds can be poisonous…but it can be, like everything else…an irritant for some people.


That’s strange, as mullein flowers, leaves and root have been used for many centuries to ease earaches (their most common use) but also in tinctures and teas. Its anti-inflammatory, demulcent and useful for infections as well. says there are no precautions, warnings or contraindications to the use of Mullein. I think your book is referring to one particular type of Mullein that may be toxic, as Verbascum thapsus is the main one used medicinally, although others are also used.
@Arroyn I have not heard of Mullein being used to remove family curses, but will look into it - it is something I would like to do as well
Blessed be

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Here is a video of someone harvesting and using the leaves of the plant. I think @Greenwitch is correct that your book is speaking about the poisonous type.

@Greenwitch Thank you so much for your assistance!