Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris

Yesterday, I got a mugwort plant from a friend who has heaps growing. Been wanting one for quite a while, as it is the classic Witches plant :slight_smile:
Artemisia vulgaris is the Latin name. She will help you to develop psychic gifts, being very intuitive, and will help you find your way by receiving dream messages and deepening your psychic practice.
Mugwort aligns with the night, her energy aligns with the Moon and feminine wellness and she helps women move through the cycles of their life with ease and grace. Use Mugwort infusion to wash your scrying mirrors and crystall balls, to increase their acuity.

Element: Water
Planet: Moon, Venus, Neptune, Mercury
Zodiac sign: Libra, Taurus


That’s wonderful! I ordered a mugwort tea but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve heard it can have a profound effect on dreams. Have you used it before?


I haven’t used it yet, have been waiting to try it, but it will have to grow and establish first. It is supposed to boost psychic dreams, so if you try it, I’d love to hear!
I have tried Motherwort which is related. That is excellent for releasing deep seated emotions :slight_smile:


I have never heard of motherwort being used in this way! I’m very intrigued, as this plant grows all over my yard! Just to clarify I am talking about Leonurus cardiaca.
Is this the herb you create into teas? Or do you make it into a sort of dream sachet?

Motherwort is VERY bitter, and most people can’t tolerate it in a tea. Its usually made into a tincture and given in drops.
I read about the leaves being used (eaten) as a way to release stuck or pent-up emotions by chewing them, so I tried it. Yes, they ARE bitter! But just a few moments after chewing and swallowing, I felt very sad and released some emotions via crying.
Motherwort is used more for supporting mothers and women of all ages, and also those who need “mothering”. I haven’t heard of it being used in a dream sachet, that would be more something to do with Mugwort :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this! Mugwort is one of my favorites! Years ago, I attended a workshop where they had a huge, beautiful garden full of herbs. As soon as I found out they had mugwort, I curled up on the ground next to the plant. Best feeling ever! They sent me home with a plant but unfortunately I no longer have it. Some day soon I hope to get another one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What a wonderful experience!

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I love a loose leaf mugwort or damiana tea before bed. (Different effects, but both seem to have a profound impact on my dreams and semi-lucid visions.) I’ve always bought mugwort and have never grown it myself from the plant. You’ve inspired me! If you eventually harvest your plant for tea, I would love some tips. Blessings to you.

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