How do I learn to read tarot

Merry meet everyone!!! I’m new to this coven and I was curious if you or anyone could tell me how I can learn how to read tarot cards,or do you have any books etc etc you could share with me in my journey of becoming my true self. I very much appreciate you all for helping me…


Hello friend. I have just started on my taort journey too. Im using the LightSeer deck, its a great learner deck. This online school ( www. Sunnysink. com) is amazing and i’ve learnt alot. If you dont want to sign up to the school she runs Free challenges on Facebook. Search for High priestess tarot school. I also recommend going to your local library and checking out every book.

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Merry meet, I know in the past most of the decks that were purchased would have a small booklet inside the box with several easier spreads that can be used and the meaning for the cards. I’ve not purchased any recently though so im not sure if this is still something that they do.
I hope that you manage to find someone here that knows more about the Tarot than I do.

I was drawn to the beautiful illustrations that were in the different packs, and never got as far as learning how to use them properly.
I think it’s a very hard thing to pick up, but that’s probably because I can be impatient with some things…:joy::purple_heart:
Maybe I should try again in the future, i do tend to dip in and out of everything depending on how i feel at the time…
I wish you luck at finding out what you seek…
Blessed be :woman_farmer:t2::dog2::people_hugging:🪻:butterfly::sparkles:

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Merry Meet.

I have been reading Tarot, since I was a teenager, around 15 years old and I am 60 now. My advice is read and read some more on any book on Tarot you can get. Take each card and start you a Tarot journal. Meditate on each card and write down your feelings, good and bad. I also read on the books of other Tarot cards that came with the card and wrote down what I thought was important. I also read the reversed…Life is full of good and bad, so why leave it out like many people do. I tell you one of my favorite ways to get information on a card. It worked for me and I think it was in a book on Tarot by Denning and Philips called Magic of the Tarot. Take a card from the deck and studied it, until you can see it with your eyes closed. visualize yourself sitting in front of it, maybe in a little stand on the floor. Now enlarge it. Let it grow big enough for you to walk through. If there is someone in the card, ask them questions and it was my experience, they answered. Remember everything you felt, heard, tasted and smelt. It was an exciting experience for me, but I had been meditating on my cards for a while and my favorite deck is the Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley. Bottom line…read and write…then experience with people. If Tarot is your calling, Tarot Spells are fun and work also. I can talk for days about Tarot.


I agree that meditating with each card individually and keeping a tarot journal can be really helpful for connecting with and understanding your deck. Some believe that you should be gifted your first deck, but I think you should choose one that calls to you. Most decks do come with little booklets that give interpretations of the cards and spreads you can practice. There are also numerous books that can give you insight into specific decks or how to make your own spreads. I have studied the book “The Mystical Tarot” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley which teaches about general tarot as well as specifically the Smith Waite deck, and found it to be an excellent source of information. While there are typical archetypes and interpretations to every deck, I believe that individual interpretations are also if not more valid. The most important thing you can do when learning tarot is not memorize every card and its designated meaning but to form a personal relationship with your deck and explore the connection with it as a source of communication. Tarot, like life, is about the journey. :heart::sparkles:


Hi there. I completely agree with what has been suggested. I would like to share what I did when starting on my tarot journey 3 years ago. It was suggested to me to take the deck in my hands and place them up to my chest. While closing my eyes I gently shuffle or just mixed the cards in my hands all the while asking “what do I need to know today?” Once I shuffled the cards until it felt right to stop, I then took my dominant hand and just pulled a card and looked at it. At first I didn’t understand the card but after a while each card became familiar to me and I developed a relationship with each one. I looked at the symbols the colors the numbers. I also read the little books included. But rather than the book I would write down what that card meant to me. So play with the cards. Take your time with each one and tell a story about that card. What and how that card makes you feel. You will be surprised at what comes through. Have fun and don’t worry. I still pull a card each day to kind of get a direction on how my day is going. I still see something new I didn’t see before. Blessings to you and your new wonderful journey with tarot.

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