Hi I’m Kim and am grateful to be joining this group

Hi. I am a solitary green kitchen witch. I live in Mexico surrounded by my husband’s family. They have no idea I’m a witch and will never know. Neither will my conservative southern Baptist family in the States. I love the outdoors and have 10 dogs and 2 cats. I currently am living and caring for my elderly parents until…I am going to plant a garden when the threat of frost is over. I practice by intentions and thought. No overt rituals because I don’t need the hassle from either family. I do sly stuff that looks ordinary to the outside like my altar just looks like decoration to the naked eye. While I am perfectly satisfied and happy with my practice I am excited to join this group!! Blessed Be!!!


I definitely know what it’s like to have to hide things from conservative friends and family! I’d be interested to hear about what kinds of things you enrich your practice with, that look ‘normal’ to outsiders.

I’d love to get into the habit of stirring intentions into my teas and coffees but I always forget!


Wow! Being in the broom closet has its advantages. I think the craft is VERY POWERFUL when held in secrecy.
There are wonderful traditions in Mexico and great plants to work with.


I would have such a hard time being stifled like that. I’m sorry you have to watch your magickal behavior but it seems like you’re focusing on the positive which is awesome! @Kim