Hello, happy to be here

Hello All, I’ve “quietly” been a witch for as long as I can remember. I’ve been “louder” with it when my daughter-in-law asked a few years ago after a couple cocktails, if I was a witch. Apparently my ex-husband who I divorced 26 years ago, told her I was a witch. After she defended me thinking he was referring to me in derogatory manner, he said “she is a true witch, not calling her names, she is a witch” . So now that I have been completely outed to my immediate family, I have a cabinet in the kitchen that if anyone opens they give a questioning look to my current husband who says “That’s Heather’s apothecary. We don’t touch the stuff in there” Nosey sister in laws have learned to not open that cabinet :joy:
But funny story aside…I am the witch that NEEDS to be outside in my garden, near water (preferably the ocean), the woods. I talk to my plants, I hug my trees. I name the lil spider in my kitchen window that helps w the fruit flies when I forget about the compost bin…it’s Charlie and no one can tell me she’s not the same lil spider that’s been there for the 3 years we’ve been in this house😂
Tarot, herbs, oils are my go to’s and my strong suits. Tarot isn’t as strong, I must admit, for it’s one where I pick it up and then put it down for a bit and pick it up sometime later:)

I look forward to learning, growing and meeting all of you.


I love it! Good to have you here.

Great to meet you, it’s nice to actually be apart of something where I can discuss being a witch. If someone asks, I’ll tell them but I don’t actively tell family and friends etc about it.

Exactly!!! I haven’t said a word to people like the in-laws and what not so I’m still kinda quiet and people just think I’m a lil weird w stuff. Which I’m fine with lol

Great to meet you as well!!!