Long-winded Hello!

Hey there,

For the sake of this forum I’ll go by Magpie! I’ve been into witchy stuff for the past few years, but am not openly out to most of my family and only a few close friends. I live in very christian/conservative area and know it would affect my wellbeing to talk about these things here.

I have always been drawn to nature, my whole life, but over the past few years this interest has turned into a spiritual way of being in the world. The synchronicities are not to be ignored.

I adore tarot (orien’s animal tarot is my favorite), I have a shrine/altar, and have done witch bottles and made sigils. Meditation is HARD for me and I wish it wasn’t.

I also study to learn the names of local herbs, trees, birds, bugs, fungi and animals. I have dabbled in tinctures and salve making, and wish teas did more for me. Meeting new plants is my favorite. Visiting my local creek gives me a sense of calm I wish I could bottle up!

It will be such a pleasure meeting you all and getting to talk to like-minded individuals!

Blessed Be


I was using this website called thrifty coven something …I forgot but it was a huge list of herbs and even fruit and their magical properties. I’d use it multiple times a day and then one day it stopped working… I love learning a little something everyday.

Mediation doesn’t have to be with your eyes close and not thinking of anything.

I try to envision what stuff would be like while listening to ancient Egyptian sounds or I try to let my mind wander anywhere… sometimes I burn candles in my mind when i think of something I want to happen. Sometimes I do try to rest my mind but I even stare at clouds and birds and call that meditation

I’d like to make some friends here and have some fun !
I’m 37 may I ask how old you are ? I been practicing 15 years my mom practices but as she is getting older not so much. I read your post I am interested to hear more about your surroundings and that struggle-ish