Hej, hi everyone

I have been a solitary wiccan for as long as I can remember, but a practicing one since about 10 years.
I live in Sweden and practice on my own, there are not a lot of covens here.
My focus keeps changing and develop; mostly I just feel gratitude to be a part of the Wheel of the Year and do what I do in pace with that.
As I live in Sweden (a country way up north with a lot of nature) I enjoy everything green or woody and spend as long time outside as possible.
Recently I’ve started to practice yoga and have noticed the feeling of grounded wellness surounding the habit, I will certainly explore that even more.
Very glad to be part of a coven like this :slightly_smiling_face:


Hei Frigg, I am a Norse Pagan and my grandparents are from Sweden on my father’s side and Norway on my mother’s. Not too many covens here in North Carolina, USA. I too do yoga and feel grounded wellness myself. I have MS for 17 years but love doing yoga outdoors is a plus. Glad to meet another Swede.

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