Daily ritual help

Ok, over 5 years ago I would do a daily ritual. I ended up diagnosed with cancer and stopped doing it to concentrate on the treatments. Well, I ended up with what they call chemo brain which is I lost some memories and sometimes I can be told something like a date and totally forget it was even told to me. So, I’m needing help with trying to remember the ritual. I remember bits and pieces but not enough for it to sound familiar. I remember using a white candle for the goddess and a green one for the god and using milk, juice or something for a sacrifice. I remember some words. These are what I remember, lord of the verdant earth? Something about animals and ocean, goddess, sun and possibly sky, placing this sacrifice in your honor?
That’s all I remember. I remember I found it on a pagan website but I can’t remember it. I would go and just make my own up but the ritual spoke to me and always made my day or night good so I’d like to have it back. I hope someone can help me.


Hi! I found this on Reddit - one of the comments contains that verse you mentioned, which appears to be from a book by Cunningham: How to pray : r/Wicca (reddit.com). Hope this helps!


YES! Thank you so much!! That’s exactly what I was looking for! I have a bunch of Cunningham books but I thought I got it from an online pagan forum. You made an old lady very happy!