Candel magic for cutting ties with an ex

Hello all.
Blessings to all and thanks in advance to anyone who reaches out with ideas.
Im getting out of a very deep, confusing and draining relationship. I want to do some candel magick to help! You know, a little release, a little protection, a little - sever those ties because that was messed up and how did we keep going on like that for so long, stay away from them - deal :).
Im not a complete beginner when working with spells and cleansing but thought id love some ideas and thought id reach out to the community !
Merry meet, merry part , and merry meet again.

Hello and Blessings to you as well. A good basic color would be black. You can also look up what herbs correlates to your specific intention. Roll the candle through the herbs away from you for banishing or releasing. Make sure you focus your thoughts on your intention while rolling the candle. This should charge your candle for any ritual you choose to do for cord cutting. Good luck and Blessed Be

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