Bendithion! I'm Häxa

I’m a natural witch in central Oregon, USA. I practice Druidry and folk magic.
I live on a lovely organic farm, making magic with the trees and my enterage of animals.
I’m a professional tarot reader and I have 2 YouTube channels.
At 52 I feell Im finally finding my stride, happy to care less, know less and be nore open than ever…
Merry meet!


Hello Häxa!

What a wonderful introduction! I love that you live on a lovely organic farm :green_heart: will you please post the links to your Youtube channels?

I don’t know whether it will resonate with you (and you may know about it already) but I’ve been attending the Oxford Real Farming Conference for a few years and it is an amazing event (biggest in Europe) for conversations around organic food, farming, land connection, sovereignty and stewardship. Most of the sessions are available to watch back on Youtube

Love that you are finding your careless, open stride :heartpulse:

Wow! That sounds like an amazing group of people who are loving the land and getting in touch deeply with their connection to all things!

Im not sure WHERE to post my channels so I will just give you the names, as it wont let me poat the links:
Natural Witchery
Tarot and Witchery

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