Hello from The Witches Garden


This is Iris (she/they) “filthy heathen”/nondenominational witchy person living at 52° North in NE England (Tyne Valley). I come from a long line of (predominantly repressed) poor and working class witches, weaving togther scraps of their traditions, superstitions, and herb lore whilst learning from other vestiges of our histories and particularly, with humility, from our indigenous and peasant friends in other lands, healing severed connections with the land and ourselves through re/enchantment. I work with the moon, the trees and plants, gardening and healing as an inner-outer continuum whilst co-authoring with the creative universe through writing, drawing, journeying, and divination (runes, orithomancy, tarot, other means). I’ve been making medicines, spells, dream work and “witchy brews” since I was a child but only really making it a practice over the last four years.

It’s a pleasure to be here and hope to connect with, leaen from, and grow alongside you beautiful souls.

Brightest wishes,

Iris (The Witches Garden)


Hello Iris! So nice to meet you. Your spiritual path sounds incredibly deep and rich. There’s so much to learn from history and our ancestors and those of other cultures and paths. Staying open to the lessons and learnings is all part of the journey.

It sounds like herbology and kitchen witchery is very popular in this group - when we start our podcast, I’ll be sure to get some folks on who can talk about it in depth.

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