Bending candles meaning

Hello, I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the meaning of bent candles? I had two black candles left over from Samhain. They were in a box that just kept falling on the floor, which I put down to them rolling around in their box. I decided to house them in my candle holders rather than have them shatter on the floor. They hadnt been out of the box two days when one of them bent right over. Its a pretty cold spring here at the moment, so they havent been melting in the sunshine. How would you read this? Or is there a logical reason why its bent that I havent thought of?

Hmm… how curious! Can you share a photo? That might help with interpretation (and any logical deductions as well). The photo uploader is just to the left of the bulleted list in the WYSIWYG editor.

Did you use them for spell work on Samhain? if so they might be trying to tell you to finish the spell by burning them. They are definitely telling you something isn’t finished or need to be finished. They are trying hard to get your attention.

Thank you both. Here are my can

Hello and hopefully things are going your way. Your candle mystery might be caused by the lack of hardened exterior wax at the candle base when they were manufactured.The exterior upper layer from the base tends to be a hard/thick coating that typically aids in shipping the items and retaining their shape.


Thanks Loren, that does seem logical.

The responses that @CieAngel and @Loren so astutely gave are not mutually exclusive at all! “As above, so below.” When something out of the ordinary catches my attention, I see it as pointing to different layers of meaning: (1) a logical physical reason for happening and (2) an invitation to explore what it might be signifying on a metaphysical level.

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Still makes you think though lol

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Thanks for everyone’s responses regarding my troublesome candles. I have since, reshaped them and let them burn down. I got an overwhelming sensation of love from them. For whatever reason, they needed to be used.