Alchemizing emotional daggers

I understand protections and the use of them to move throughout life in a progressive manner. I am wondering about others who have the ability to take up emotional structures given (or thrown) at them and bring them into pathways of healing, growth and potentially even grief/recognition of loss.

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Good Morning Indiswi,

I wouldn’t say I have a “magical tool” but I’ve found a tool that works for me. I have a special gratitude journal that I work with. It’s my private journal that I use as a physical tool for emotional and mental life struggles. I use it for positive and negative. A conduit for it all.

I make a point of writing or jotting down things I’m grateful for. It can be a person or thing or incident that happened to me. I write anything that affects me positively.
I also write my sorrow and struggles on a separate page. My sorrow, my pain, my loss, my anger, frustrations. Then I let that shite go. Close the book literally and walk away. Leave the negative there. Say a prayer or a little protection spell to banish the emotion to the book. I then let it stew overnight or for a while.

I’m in my book so much that going back to it and re-reading what I’ve written, I’ve been able to see the good stuff and it lifts me in both good times and bad. It reminds me what is important in my life.

Sometimes I still can’t let the negative go. At that point I’ll tear the page out and burn it with protection herbs. Sometimes it takes a few goes of writing, burning and time but it has helped me a lot.

Life is bittersweet but I chose happiness and find a way to deal with everything else. For me writing it down puts it out there. Yeah I said it. There it is. I own it.
Sometimes I look back at what I’ve write and think damn I was really going through something there. I can look back (if I haven’t burnt the page) and see how far I’ve come from that pain or loss. Realize I have moved on from it. I feel peace.

This isn’t a fancy method but a book is cheap, however your peace and mental/emotional state is priceless. I use the book just for this purpose and I keep it hidden from my family and in a special place. Is it shadow work? Maybe? Some may say it’s childish or doesn’t work for them but it works for me. I save my books too.
Maybe this can work for you.


Do you mean that YOU feel like you are attacked and you want to transmute that energy within YOU? Or do you meam you want to take the energy theyve thrown at you and put THEM on the oath to healing?

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