A Universe Box -also known as a prayer box or God box

I was just wondering if anyone else does this. I like to cleanse, then decorate a wooden box. Depending on what i would like it for. If i put positive thoughts, and little inspirational notes to myself , or goals i would like to achieve throughout the year, i then take the box and burn it on or near my birthday to send the positive out to the universe and bless my year ahead. (I even put one of those packets that change the fire different colours inside) because they make me happy.
I am just wondering if i do one with negitivity ( like thoughts i have or mean things that i have said to myself or someone has said to me), how should i go about that? Should i buried it, should i drowned it, should i hide it in a grave yard and let the angels take it? Should put flowers inside or maybe a crystal? Please all ideas are welcomed


I love this idea! I do something similar, i call mine a blessing jar. When good things happen throughout the year, i write them on a piece of paper, then take them all out and give thanks for each of them and offer them in a fire sending my thanks up with the smoke.
I liked your idea about the negetive things too. I think burying it would be my choice and symbolically laying all that negative energy to rest and grounding it.


I am thinking laying it to rest to… i am also thinking i could find a way to put a positive on it. I thought about seeds but, i don’t want the negitive to grow. There has to be a way to turn that negative into a positive. I could nutral9ze it with salt

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