Samhain suggestions

So here in the Southern Hemisphere we are looking towards Samhain coming up in a few weeks. In my previous, “non-out-as-a-witch” life, I would have a private little ritual but this year I want to do something more involved. I make and sell herbal skincare, herb seedlings and dried herbs at local markets and I’m thinking of making little “altar-in-a-box” kits for sale. These would be about the size of a drinks coaster (if I can find the right sized boxes) and would contain some starter items for new witches, with the bonus that they are in a box and can be hidden away if the witch doesn’t want people to know.
Anyway, my question is - what would be some good items (small) to include?

Merry meet!

The idea of a small altar kit is very nice! I’d include a candle tea light (probably white because it’s so versatile), a small vial with some sort of dried herb (or herbal blend), a small crystal point (perhaps clear quartz), maybe a vial of moon water, a packet of salt. That’s all I can think of right now, but what a nice idea!

Blessed be!

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I have a little “travel alter” that I keep in a tin, in this I have little wooden disks with the elemental, pentacle, God & Goddess symbols on (I made these), I then have birthday candles, a shell, a small feather and a small pkt of salt.
I will have to look what else I have in there, sadly I haven’t travelled in a while to look.
But this is a lovely idea for somebody who is still in the ‘broom closet’