What Other Categories Would You Like To See Here?

Hi! I’d love to know what other categories you’d like to have in this forum.

I’ve seen a few posts on dream work and I know some folks are interested in spirits / ghosts. Let me know if you’d like categories for those or if there are any other categories you’d like to see, like Moon Rituals, crafting, or recipes.


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I like the idea about -Food/Recipies!

What about Herbs and magickal associations,
Or maybe a place to tell personal experiences with their craft
Or perhaps a Book and resources topic


These are all great ideas!

New moon and full moon rituals would be a plus :new_moon::full_moon:


I haven’t checked out all the categories as I just joined by some ideas from another forum I like are spells, divination, tarot, crystals, deities. I’d like to also add mundane hobbies. @Rebecca


Altars- sharing pics of our altars if desired and/or discussing altar supplies, year round altar decorations, etc





HI @VioletFreyja! Welcome!

For the moment, I was thinking spells, altars, correspondences, and grimoires would live under witchcraft, but I can see the value of breaking out spells + altars as well as many of us have those / perform those. :slight_smile:

We do have a tarot section, but not a general divination one. Thank you for calling that out. You can find tarot here: Tarot - The Pagan Grimoire Coven

For mundane, please feel free to use the Everything Else - The Pagan Grimoire Coven category as that’s what I intended it for (though it’s also a great place to see what topics are getting enough traction to warrant a category!)

And, for crystals and deities, I agree, those probably need sections too.

If I create some of those, would you be willing to kick us off with a topic or two for one or two of those categories?

Great idea - definitely need a space for herbs! Would you be willing to start a topic in there if I create the section?

I would love for people to share about their experiences with craft - our Witchcraft - The Pagan Grimoire Coven area could be great for this.

Books and resources - also great. Maybe a “book club”?

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@VioletFreyja @MagpieMoss

Herbs, Recipes, Crafts, and Deity categories have been created! Working on the others :slight_smile:

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