Merry Meet Everyone!

Hello Everyone,
I’m Cie (sounds like Cee) a solitary eclectic witch, who has been for about 30 years. I’m more of a hearth, crafty witch than anything. I used to live in the woods and now I live in the city so getting used to being an urban witch. There is a really big difference in what you can do and can’t do having neighbors lol. I hope to be able to get to know you all.


Hi Cie! Thanks for saying hello! And, I’m a fellow crafty witch! I’ve got about four knitting projects going right now. :wink:

What crafts / crafting projects do you love?

And, I hear you on being an urban witch! I’ve been there too. Would articles or posts on things like how to make spell jars and how to do moon rituals indoors support you on your path?


Hi Rebecca,
I kind of do a bit of everything, crochet, learning to knit, cross stitch, plastic canvas, machine embroidery.
Wow that would be awesome. I’m used to be able to go outside and seeing the moon and here I really can’t right now expect from my bedroom window. I can do candle magic still and spell bottles would be great.
Thank you so much,

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