Hi I'm Harry and have been a witch all my life. I am 72 years old and was about 12 when my aunt said that I was fey! The Scots witch let the deer come to you just sit there they will sense you mean no harm

Harry a witch since birth 72 years ago. A Cold War Veteran living in a motorhome. The UK sucks how it treats it’s veterans .


Hi Harry,

I agree with you. I don’t think people teach their children. From the time my children were little I taught them to always go up to a US veteran in this country when you see them wearing a veterans hat. I told them straight - you offer your hand or give a little hug and say - thank you for serving your country and keeping us safe. If we don’t teach the children right about history and the sacrifice those who served made, it will all disappear. World wars aren’t done and will never be done.
I respect you Harry. Thank you for for service Sir.


Thank you, that means a lot.


Hello Harry. I’m a veteran also. I’m from the U.S. and I’m 55. I didn’t experience any wars. I have an Uncle and Grandfather who did. They were Marines and I was Army. My grandpa was in two wars, my Uncle only one. I want to say thank you for your service.

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Hi Ice Goddess, I had my father’s father in the first world war he never made it home. I had five uncles in the second world war one was a POW of the Japanese only army, rest were Navy so military is family tradition.

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Hello Harry! My name is Jeannine but I mainly go by Jp. I knew from my teenage years that I was pagan, and there was far more out there than organized “religion.” I practiced for a long time but then put myself on hold when I got married and had kids. Now that my kids are grown and I am divorced, I have time for me now. I made my practice and my well-being a priority. Welcome to the coven! we’re glad you are here!

Thank you, I need some help tonight driving on dark road crested a hill a deer right in front of me braked but I hit her. Picked her up and put her in on grass said prayers to Gaia and Herne to cross her into Summerland. Not a good night for me.