Hi I'm CryssyRavenWolf,

I’ve always dabbled in all things Witchy since I was 12 with a school friend. As I grew older between marriage and children my ‘Witchyness’ waxed and waned…now I’m retired, now the Crone. My partner of 3 yrs is non judgemental and embraces whatever I feel I must do with love and understanding. It only took me 58 years of manifestation to finally find him :laughing: timing is everything. I have faced many many tribulations over the years but I believe in positivity, love, finding peace and living in truth. It has set me free to believe in myself, wear what I want to…black is now my daily shade…get all the tattoos I want to …birds Ravens Wolves and Dragons…I wear my Pentagram now with pride wherever whenever. I am a Solitary Witch. I continue to search, read and learn every day. I look forward to meeting all and working and learning and helping together in our ‘Virtual Coven’… Blessed Be…:sparkles::black_cat::sparkles:


I love the arc of your story! You’ve been through so much and yet it seems like this is somehow only the beginning!
Welcome to the group :grin:

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