The practice of dreams

Hello friends :green_heart:

I have been keeping dream diaries for years and I often find interesting magickal insights there e.g. one dream in 2020 in which I made a cake while grieving. I made the cake with “poppy seeds for grief” only to discover, on reserach later, that poppies and poppy seeds have long been assosiated with death and grief. I had a similar experience with yarrow. I’ve also had a few lucid and prophetic dreams (dreamt of my partner 12 years before we met and the house we now live in 3 years before we found it).

I was wondering if any of you would like to talk dreams and witchcraft? Do you keep dream diaries, lucid dream? And how do you work with dreams and your magickal practices?

I’d love to hear your insights and stories.

With love and witchy solidarity,



Hello Iris,
I’d love to talk dreams with you. I’ve had prophetic dreams before but I’ve experienced several dreams as loved ones and others I’ve known have died and left this world. Funnily I’m never afraid of the dreams. I’d love to learn more for you and explore this together.

Blessed be … Stephanie


I would love to talk about dreams … i’d actually love to learn how to astral project, which would be an offshoot of lucid dreaming. i don’t keep a dream journal, but really should. normally, my sleep is so broken up (from taking the dog in and out at least twice in the middle of the night each night) that i don’t think i go deep enough to dream … or don’t remember them - which is odd … i’ve always been able to remember my dreams. i love the dream examples that you’ve given! how cool! i have had several “visitation” dreams from friends and family over the years. those are fantastic!


This is exciting!
I’ve had two lucid dreams, about 30 years apart, but it was great fun to realize I was dreaming and begin to play with it before I woke up.
I’ve had several visitation and prophetic dreams, though, and I always feel really honored after. Even though they aren’t an intentional part of my practice, I feel like it all falls into the same category of being connected to Universal energies.
I’d be very interested in reading your stories (and sharing some of mine, if anyone’s interested). It feels good to have a community of folks who are open to the conversation!


Hello Stephanie,

Thank you so much for your reply, I’m so pleased the dreams chat has resonated. And so interesting that, despite sometimes being about the hardest of events, those dreams have never frightened you.

Where do you sit in the theories about dreams? Or are you just open to what they have to communicate?

I’m in the UK but if there’s a Texas/UK compatible time window, I’d love to have a conversation sometime.

With beltane blessings )))))) Iris xx

Hey Lisa!

You’re a paranormal investigator?! That’s so interesting! I would love to hear about your explorations! And to talk about dreams, definitely. And visitations in dreams! Yes! I’m super interested in these. I have a lot of ghostly dreams (and have encountered a couple of ghosts in the waking world, too) but no visitations from family, though I have had from friends and people I haven’t met in the middle world.

I mentioned to @Bermygirl about potentially a chat sometime. Maybe we can arrange a cross-atlantic dream chat?

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I’m so please you think so Michelle!

I’d love to hear more about your lucid dreams. And maybe explore how these are developed? Also interconnects with what @dogsnwolfs said about Astral Projection.

Your interpretation of dreams as being part of “being connected with the Universe” really resonates with me. Personally, it’s been through dreams, which may also in a way be visitations, that I’ve developed greater empathy and the sense of interbeing - occupying anothers lived experience. Which I think is part of being a witchy type person, too, understanding that we are not separate. There are two dreams, in particular I have had which I think of in this context, both of which I call “Big dreams” because they were those kind of dreams that are entirely real (sights, sounds, smells, textures, a world with time before and after, etc) and not in that dreamy, mutable world of the surreal, they were completely concrete. One I had when I was 8 (and contained specific geographical and cultural facts, artefacts and events that I could not have known at the time) and another when I was 28 when I visited Canada for the first (and only) time. They are quite involved but I would be happy to talk/write about them if of interest.

I would love to hear more about your dreams and how they interleave with your greater connectedness with the living world and universe.

With thanks and blessings,

would love to chat with you about dreams and ghosts … i have had visitation dreams when i wasn’t even aware that the person had passed … i described the dream to my mom and she stated that the person i had “dreamed” of had passed away the month prior … freaky … but i just relayed the message i was meant to relay and moved on … :smile: most of that stuff now just comes through my mind (i’m a budding psychic medium) instead through the dream state these days.

as for ghosts … i’ve explored and investigated all over … mostly in the states, but also in ireland …

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Hi Iris,

Yes! I’d love a conversation. I have WhatsApp. I was actually born in the UK but grew up in Bermuda with my Bermudian mother. I became a US citizen 12 years ago. My Dad still lives up in Sheffield. I’m 6 hours behind you. A conversation would be lovely.
My email is

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How fascinating. I’ve had such dreams as well. Our home was bought as an “estate sale” meaning the elderly lady that lived here passed away. I haven’t seen her in dreams but in the evenings I often feel her here. I talk to her - “Hi, Barbara. Thank you for letting us share your home.” things like that.

I found kitchen curtains thrown in a bundle on the garage floor when we moved in. I assumed they were hers. They were just my style so I washed them, pressed them and hung them back up. I think it keeps her spirit happy in the home.


My dreams have never frightened me. I believe when I sleep my third eye opens as does a conduit of some sort. A communication conduit. I’d love to learn how to “talk back”. To reach out with questions or to my departed loved ones. I often have strange deja vu moments while awake. I’ll stop dead in my tracks and know this exact moment in time has happened already. I know it hasn’t so I accept I must have dreamt about it or “saw” it previously. I’d love to know how I can strengthen my gift.


Oh wow I loved reading this thread. I have always loved dreaming, and as a child until I was late into teen years I lucid dreamed on the regular. I didn’t really realise it was unusual until I was older, but stopped being able to near adulthood. My dreams have never been very insightful, usually just completely nonsensical and random, but very vivid.

Does anyone have any suggestions for remembering dreams or bringing on more dreaming? I have heard of sachets under pillows and certain drinks. I am open to any ideas! Unfortunately due to smoking marijuana for some health issues, I don’t remember dreams as well anymore.

Also Astral Projecting sounds absolutely incredible but I don’t know the first thing about how to start!

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One thing that I’ve found to be helpful to remember dreams is to try to be aware of your surroundings and try to make observations of some specific things or people. Ask yourself things like what street is this? Who is this person? which direction am I facing? Where are we going?; Things like that. Try to stay away from numbers, they don’t translate well into the waking world. Different part of the brain or something like that. You might even try to make notes by writing things down while dreaming. Spelling will probably be difficult, as will finding a pencil. With practice you will be able to do that and they will come to mind as you wake.

Incense also helps as you drift off. I find Queen of the Night or jasmine work particularly well. I use the cone incense so that I don’t have to worry about starting a fire. I also use a magickal dreaming pillow that I think is just the most wonderful thing.


Wow @MagpieMoss it sounds like you have a vibrant and abundant inner world :sparkles:

Thank you for sharing those.

I’m definitely no expert on dreams but I have, in another life, spent time talking with a sleep scientist, psychologists and occultists talking about dreams and one thing which came out of those converstaions - which I hope may be a reassurance - is that we all dream, every night, several times a night. So even though the weed may inhibit the remembering come morning, those dreams are still happening.

In terms of accessing and developing dreams, I have found that the more I practice awareness before I go to sleep and note taking when I wake up, the more vivid the connection and recollections become. So, at night in bed I might ask an oracle what i should look for in dreams or, conversely, if there’s something i’m struggling with in the waking world - i may chose a card, rune, or some other totem to represnt the problem and ask that my dreams help me explore solutions. I may just say to myself, as i’m falling asleep, I’m going to the dream place now, what will i find? Who will I meet? What objects can I bring back?

Because I have some health issues, I cannot journal the way I used to but I do occassionally use a voice-to-text app to record what I remember, even if it’s just impressions or a phrase of words.

In terms of astral projection, there is a wonderful free course called Quaeria by Josephine McCarthy which hwlps with this Quareia

One thing I would mention about astral projection is, for some folk this may not be as accessible or possible if they experience Aphantasia (an inability to form mental images or strong mental images). I have this (related to early CPTSD) and it’s caused a lot of shame in certain circles and programmes of learning which rely on mental images but I believe there are other ways and means, too.

I hope your journeys are full of magick and connection.

Blessed be.

Iris x