Spells for Money

Hello, with prices for everything going up I am stretching my dollars till they break. Any spells for money? Thank you all.

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I really love Mystic Primrose’s spells. Here’s one for abundance and wealth:

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Interesting idea about the orange but This would make it much harder to read the leftover wax

Still cool though

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Thank you so much. Yes, I am going to try this one!

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You are quite welcome!

I like to create a sort of money bowl spell, which I leave either on my altar or somewhere around my house for a while. I like to add to it sometimes to give more energy when things get stagnant.

Some herbs I love to include that have associations with money are:
Allspice, Almond, Aspen, Basil, Bay, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Cinqefoil (I like using the little yellow flowers), Dandelion flower, Dill, Fennel, Flax, Ginger, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Maple, Marjoram, Mint (placing leaving in your wallet or purse!), Nutmeg and Mace, Oak, Onion, Patchouli, Skullcap, Thyme

Just pick a few that resonate with you, place into a bowl with some coins and crystals too if you want (some good ones for money are Cat’s eye, Tiger’s eye and Malachite and ofc clear quartz) and sometimes I even burn a candle in it but that’s a bit of a fire hazard so be careful and don’t leave it unattended.

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Thank you, I have a Silver tray I place a dollar wrapped around sage and then some cinnamon and some coins. I do light a green candle during a waning moon, but nothing seems to be happening. Perhaps I just need to be patient.

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One of my favortie money chants and I can’t remember what book I got it out of because at 61 I have read a LOT of books on different branches of Witchcraft. One of the money spell I do I got out of a Silver Ravenwolf book. If was not for money, but I modified it. Take a piece of paper, a green ink pen and wirte how much money you need and not want. Have somewhere to burn the paper. You a match, love the idea of lighting a match over your head and bring it down like from heaven, but it is not necessary. LIght the paper and as the paper burns, say these words: " Paper give away to flame, but the essences of the words remain. Fire burn fire create, let these words be my fate. Fly away firey burn, bring back the fact behind these words. So mote it be. Thee is also a chants I use and visualize me holding the money and putting it in my pocket or wallet and having my bills paid or buying that special book on witchcraft…One of my favorites is " Money, money come to me, as I say it so mote it be" I think I ready that in a book by Sybil Leek called Diary of a Wtich. Another more poetic one: Stream into river, river into the sea, as water flows to the ocean, may money flow to me. Then there are colors, incense, candles, days of the week, planets, the list is endless, so It can be easy or very complex on the spell you do, even to get money. Far as expensive, I have found some really cheap things to use at Goodwill or Thrift stores. I have a chest full of candle, yarn, bottles, stones and many other things. Some of them are used by I just cleanse them with sage. If something feel wrong, but probably a good Idea NOT to use it. The Dollar Store near me had quite a few spices to use in many spells for a dollar. Use you imaginate and let the Goddess guide you, the ideas are endless.


Thank you very much, I appreciate this!!!