Everything Witchy #1: weekly teachings on herbs, tarot, and more

Acorn: Good luck, personal power, protection and wisdom. Dried acorns are a natural amulet for youthfulness. Associated with Litha. Element water.
Agrimony - Shielding and hex-breaking, aids sleep, brings luck towards you and is powerful in spell reversal. Element Air.
Alder - Helps you to face up to things you are avoiding, divination, teaching especially anything arty and weather magic. Element Fire.
Alfalfa - Money, prosperity and a happy home, also anti-hunger. Generosity and luck. Element Earth.
Allspice - Draws money and business success. Aids compassion, luck and healing. Element Fire.
Angelica - Also called Archangel. It is a very powerful protection herb, healing, creates harmony and courage and helps in exorcisms. Aids vision. Element Air.
Apple - Garden magic, love, healing and wisdom, also vanity, marriage and beauty. Associated Mabon & Samhain. Element water.


Circe, this is great! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. :slight_smile: