Post Your Photos of The Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights can be seen this weekend much lower than usual thanks to intense solar flares. Can you see them where you are? If so, would love to see pics!


I want to see the northern lights so badly, but have not yet had the experience. I am in southeastern Pennsylvania so it is unlikely that I will see them here. :pensive: They seem so magical! :blush:

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They look so incredible! I think it reached as far as Tennessee last night, so if the skies are clear, there’s a chance!

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And the Aurora Australis …


Here are some my Aunt took in Alberta

These where on Friday


Wow! Those are some amazing pics!
Thanks so much for sharing! Sadly, it was raining and overcast most of the weekend here in PA.


These are from the south east united Kingdom :uk:
We’ve hardly ever seen this wonderful show this far down, so it’s been a really exciting time…


Gorgeous pictures everyone! I live in a very woodsy area and can only see the sky right above our clearing. Thank you so much for sharing :clap:

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Whoa!!! Those rainbows are amazing.

They’re so pretty!!!

These are really lovely. Thank you for sharing. That one with the pink! And, the little houses? Love love love.

Soooooo beautiful!!! The colors are stunning! :heart: Thank you for sharing!

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