Hi to all, nice to e meet... About Me

I am a love fairy :woman_fairy:t2:… I am a solitary Hindu White Witch, Love Witch. Birds, Animal Communicator. Manifesting coach. Reiki Expert. Astrology, Fengshui my favorite.
Born with past life memories, knowledge… Claicognizant. Naturally attuned to Angels.
I love - Books, talk on call with inner circle and besties with vibe match, English classic literature and other, Sherlock Holmes movies and TV SHOW, strict vegetarian, Birds, Cats, Nature Lover, Trees :christmas_tree:, Moon, Open sky, winds, Rains :umbrella:, sandwiches, Music, Singing, sketching. Makeup learning and 100% skin care…
I love peace, harmony in the life
I am very selective social.! Much talks with like minded inner circle.

I love all my gods infinite :innocent::v:t2::grimacing: