Hello Glad to be here

I am new to the site and new to discovering my inner “witchiness.”
I come from a long line of healers who, in Salem, were hung for their honesty.
(Yes, I have the documentation confirming the relationship - maybe not here, but
eyebrows were raised when that was said in the past.)
I have always been the “helper and healer,” the one people came to with health or
mental health issues and questions.
I feel I am now truly discovering where my personal magik lies.
I am a psychologist, a medic, and now I feel my strength
lies in Candle Magik Manifestations.
I write my own chants to help manifest my desires, but I hope this site will help me with deeper and more focused chants and manifestations. (I am always careful of the rule of three and clear with my intentions.


Hi @TChris I’m Tiffany! I’m new here also! I’m so happy we both found this site & I hope it helps the both of us on our Witchy Journeys!

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