Baby Witch from Massachusetts

Hi, my name is Sophia, and I’m a baby witch living in Massachusetts. I was raised by a Christian priest but realized about a year ago that I no longer aligned with Christianity. I started seriously looking into deities on my 25th birthday (two months ago). So far, I’ve just been trying to learn about witchcraft in general - at most, I may invoke a deity’s name or visualize and/or feel their presence. I have a lot of questions about how I integrate the witch lifestyle into my life and about the technical aspects of being a witch. Can’t wait to learn and connect!


Welcome Sophia, I also was raised Christian and in my late teens felt drawn to my Scandinavian roots. I am a Norse Witch. I find all paths interesting and love to learn about it all. I believe in the Norse deitys. I have been up to Salem Massachusetts and find all paths equally as important. I now live in the Bible Belt but I notice things are starting to change!