Where can I find Witches?

I hear witches are cool and categorically awesome. Where can I find them?


Welcome @kj1! You are correct. Witches are cool and categorically awesome. You can find them almost anywhere as there’s an estimated 15 million practicing witches in the United States :broom:

But if you’re looking for some good places to find other witches, magicians, and esoteric friends, I’d recommend checking out:

  • Metaphysical stores (also sometimes called new age stores)
  • Witchy meetups - search MeetUp or another similar gathering-centric site for coven, witch, moon ritual, sound bath, or similar and you’re likely to find other mystical types.
  • Facebook or Discord groups and pages - if you’re looking to make online friends, this forum is a great place to start! We also have a Facebook group where you can chat with other cool witchy people.

Community! Where else should KJ1 look?


Did you put those ashes there? Lol. We have my parent’s ashes up in a little alcove at the top of a Shenandoah peak in VA. A fern actually grew up through it! Visits are every year :blush: