Covert Altar for Hestia & Hestia Worship

Hi everyone!

I’m interested in worshipping Hestia as one of my household deities. I haven’t come out as a witch to my roommates yet, so for a while I was puzzled as to how to create an altar for her that would be in a safe location in my kitchen without being too conspicuous. Then, it hit me: I could create a covert altar set up next to the new multipurpose countertop oven that I just bought and place them facing east! I’ve been thinking about doing a jar altar, but my concern is that this type of altar would probably not be able to hold a flame. So, I would love to hear any ideas on how I can represent the flame/hearth on this altar. I am open to other altar configurations granted that they aren’t conspicuous.

I also have some questions about devotion to Hestia. I understand that it is customary to offer her the first and last bites of a meal that you’ve prepared, as well as the first portion of any burnt offerings. How do I make these offerings to her? What about scenarios where I’m not eating at home, e.g. out at a restaurant or eating lunch at work?

Hello, I’m Sheila 80 year old pagan person. I remember reading The Unwilling Vestal as a girl. It gives a lot on info on the worship of Vesta in ancient Rome. Maybe this would be helpful?

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Perhaps instead of a flame, select a stone of red and /or golden color.

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