Spells and the wonder of precision in chosen words, sounds, intention

The rhythms and sounds of language fascinate me. I am thoroughly engaged and held in wonder by the ability to articulate and communicate with others. Spells are mysterious and exciting to me. I think of spells having a rhythm- but I am not sure if this is true. I am not an expert or well-versed. In my mind, spells include an essence of a matter or matters very personal and or purposeful and engage with an energy or energies: the human cognitive realm taps into …somewhere using intention directly with specific elements and then there is a spell? I am not sure. The connotations I am familiar with the word: spell, makes me think of something ephemeral, can feel disorienting: ‘a dizzy spell’, can be captivating: ‘spellbound’.

Also, when I think of the word spell, I think of the directness in focusing intent as in “I want to spell out something specific in a fundamental way to be clear with myself and the realities outside of myself”. And then, there’s this realm of witchcraft- am I am curious about how the word spell is magic and alchemical, ‘unexplainable transmutation’…

I wonder if there are rules for spells? I wonder how different iterations of spell-making across time have utilized tenets or have been grounded in principles? Excited to learn more and exchange ideas!


What a thoughtful, poetic post, @Sunsetdancer! There are no explicit hard and fast “rules” for spells, but there are things that work versus things that work less well or don’t work at all.

One great way to think of spells is to think of them as intentions. You are speaking what you desire into existence. Manifesting your new desire / reality.

To do so, when you speak your incantation, you want to put your mind in the space where what you desire already exists. Because it does. (More on this on the Kybalion.)

Since it already exists adding “I wish,” or “I hope” or doubt to this not only reduces the chances of your spell having an effect, it also doesn’t logically make sense. This is why when writing spells, we recommend using “I have [xyz thing you desire].” Because, what you want is already yours.


Hi, SunsetDancer!
This is, indeed, an inspired and inspiring post! Language is important to you (me, too!) and I love the way you use and think about it!
To what our hosts have already said, I can only add Trust Yourself. Energy follows intention, and what feels and sounds joyful and engaging to you will be the exact right way to enact your spells. Play with anything that interests you. You’ll hear a lot of advice, so take what works for you, release what doesn’t, and recognize that what works for you will likely evolve over time . Each one’s practice is as unique as the practitioner.
Blessings to you!


I use music to go into trances and focus my mind. My understanding of spells is very similar to yours. Personal, focused, entrancing.


Greetings SunsetDancer, what a beautiful way to express your magic and your curiousity and desire to envelop yourself in the beauty and wonder of the Goddess. There is nothing I could say to you that would ring more true than what CrowMother has already spoken. Your energy comes from within, you will feel what is right for you, also you will feel what is right for you to draw your energy in from the mother. Every witch is unique unto themselves what feels right when casting, and you will feel your own power when you do.
Many Blessings,


In the front of one of my books it says, “ABRACADABRA, I CREATE AS I SPEAK” for me i think my words need to be precise because they are my intent and manifest my will. Also, they can hurt or destroy if not said properly. Personally, i would rather give someone a little flick(or pinch)… then cause them great harm. So, i pick my words and the order they go in carefully